5 Things You Should Do To Your Rental Property Every Year

April 3, 2023

To maximize rental cash flow you need to stay on top of your property year round. It is not enough to list your rental and wait for tenants to pour in. Even if the property doesn’t necessarily need updates it is always best to be a step ahead rather than a step behind.  In competitive markets […]


5 Things Every Landlord Should Do With Surplus Cash Flow

March 29, 2023

Owning a rental property should be viewed as a long term investment. If you take care of the property it will produce income for years to come.  As apparent as this may be not every landlord is willing to go the extra mile.  They would rather allocate any extra cash flow to other areas of […]


6 Red Flags With Any Rental Property Purchase

March 27, 2023

A quality rental property can completely transform your portfolio. The idea of having tenants provide you with monthly cash flow while reducing your loan balance is a very appealing thought. However, not every property makes a good rental. It is important to always do your due diligence on every prospective rental purchase you make. There are times […]


How to Deal with Buyer Repair Requests

March 22, 2023

How should sellers of properties deal with repair requests from buyers? As a part of standard purchase and sale contracts for Arkansas real estate transactions there should be a provision outlining the right to inspect the home, the time-frame for doing it and raising any potential issues. This remains true even in most ‘as-is’ contracts. If the […]


How To Become A Rehabbing Expert With Little To No Experience

March 15, 2023

Do you want to be a rehabber but don’t know how to operate an electric screwdriver? As crazy as it may sound you don’t need to be a handy person to be a rehabber. Sure, it is a help but far from a prerequisite in getting started. There are many rehabbers all over the country who […]


5 Basic Due Diligence Steps For Any Prospective Investment

March 8, 2023

You can do everything right on six consecutive deals but if you are sloppy with the due diligence on the seventh, the consequences could be severe. As basic as it sounds, it is important to always keep the flow of profits moving in the right direction. Making a small profit on a deal is always […]


Selling a Home: Tips for Singles

March 1, 2023

We’ve talked extensively about whether or not singles should focus on buying a home, but what about selling a home? Singles who attempt to sell can face many issues, from figuring out how to sell a fairly small home to the challenges of selling a home in an urban area. Here are a few tips […]


Real Estate Closing: What to Expect When Selling a Home

February 22, 2023

Real estate closing, or settlement, is the final phase of selling a home.  It can take on almost a ritualistic significance – each step is not unlike the order of service in a wedding.  By now, you (or, more often, the escrow company) have received a deposit from the buyers, a title search has been […]


7 Ways To Give Your Investing Business Credibility

February 15, 2023

People like to work with people they are comfortable with. Someone may offer a better price but if they aren’t comfortable with the individual or company they will most likely pass. As a real estate investor, your reputation is one of the most important assets you have. If a real estate agent, contractor or attorney […]


Is A Real Estate Agent Needed to Sell Your Home?

February 8, 2023

Can California homeowners and investors sell their homes without using a real estate agent? More importantly, if they can, should they? Property owners, in association with investors, are forced to make these decisions everyday. While there are certainly advantages to neglecting the assistance of a real estate agent, those trying to save money will find […]